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General PCB Section and Hole design type.
Overview Of Rigid Printed Circuit Boards
Rigid PCB is the most common printed circuit board, widely used in various field. From early applications in some simple products, to the present, growth and proliferation for rigid printed circuits board continues exponentially to be used in many high-end products such as medical, electronics, industrial, communications, access controls, automotive, computing,satellite, aerospace and military equipment.


Flexible PCBs and Rigid Flex PCBs Lamination Section.
Overview Of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
Flexible and Rigid-Flex Printed Boards can be shaped to fit where no other design can. They are a hybrid of ordinary Printed Circuit Boards and round wire, exhibiting benefits of each. In essence, Flexible Circuits Boards give you unlimited freedom of packaging geometry while retaining the precision density and repeatability of Rigid Printed Boards.
As a high reliability replacement for wire and wire harness assemblies, flexible circuit boards provide a significant cost savings with no reduction in performance.
There are a variety of terminations for flexible circuit boards and we can provide all of these as standard manufacturing process. Adding connectors and other minor component assembly is a common practice when producing Flexible and Rigid Flex Printed Boards.
The FPC will be applied in products of TCP, LCD Driver, Camera Module, TFT Display modules, RF Module, Smartcard and medical devices.
Over the past many years, FP Circuits Ltd has emerged as a leading provider of Flexible Printed Circuit Board solutions. From a simple Single-sided FPC to a complex multi-layer FPC, Our goal is to provide you a design that meets your requirements and is the most cost effective to manufacture. Our experience allow us to provide our customers exactly what they need for their end product.

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