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Single-sided flex section

Single-sided flexible printed wiring contains a single conductor layer of metal or conductive (metal-filled) polymer on a flexible dielectric film, with or without stiffener (see diagram above). Component termination features are accessible only from one side, but holes in the base film for component features to pass through are required. Single-sided flex circuits can be fabricated with or without protective coatings such as coverlayers or cover coats; however, the use of a protective coating over circuits is the most common practice. Other flex circuit types have Double access or Back bared circuits and Sculptured flex circuits.

We can divide it into four categaries based on how many sides will be used for assembly and whether cover layer exists or not.

single-sided flex
  1. One side for assembly, without coverlayer
  2. One side for assembly, with coverlayer
  3. Two sides for assembly, without coverlayer
  4. Two sides for assembly, with coverlayer

Single-Sided Flexible pcb Features:

  1. One conductor layer
  2. Reverse bared or back bared pads
  3. Supported and unsupported finger areas
  4. Very thin construction under 0.065mm--0.13mm

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