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Factors Affecting The Price
About Payment
About Data File
FP Circuit Ltd Standard Specifications

QFactors Affecting The Price 
Layer count, Copper thickness, with or without Stiffener, Material utilization rate, Test, Punching necessary or not, Type of material, Surface protection, these all should be taken into consideration for price assessment. The price of flex circuits is more expensive than the rigid pcb at the same type.

QAbout Payment 
You should finish payment with your order. (If you do not pay, we do not ship the products.). And in case of business more than 3 months, it's possible to pay monthly after discuss. PAYMENT TERM : T/T, Paypal.

Data File Standards 
Format Gerber RS-274X is preferred although we can accept Gerber RS-274D, ODB++, AutoCAD, PADS9.3, Protel99se, Protel2004, Eagle 6.3. The gerber file should be Drill File(Including tool size) and D-code(or Aperture) list when you provide gerber file.
PCB View
We assume all pattern are viewed from Top side. That is, we see that the top pattern are standard, while the bottom pattern are mirrored.
Fab Info. We prefer all orders to contain a detailed fab print specifying dimensions, board thickness, material type, copper weight, dielectric stackup, qty of holes, whether holes are plated or not, layer stack order, unit size, panel size( if penalization is needed), surface protection, inspection criteria...etc.

If a print or other instructions are not provided, we will build per Our Standard Specifications.

FP Circuit Ltd Standard Specifications 
To avoid miscommunication, we prefer all data packages to contain a complete fab print detailing all aspects of your PCB fabrication either within your Gerber data or in another commonly used format such as a PDF, DWG or even a simple TXT file.
We realize this is not always convenient or possible for all of our customers so please be aware that if your data is incomplete we will build to the following standard specifications.
  Rigid PCB Flex PCB
Material Type FR4 Standard PI(with Adhesive)
Finished Copper Weight Outer: 1 OZ; Inner: 1 OZ
Outer: 1 OZ; Inner: H OZ
Finished Thickness   ≤15 Layer: 1.6mm 1 Layer:0.13±0.02mm
2 Layer:0.20±0.03mm
N>15 Layer: Request
4 Layer:0.35±0.04mm
6 Layer:0.60±0.05mm
Solder resist  LPI: Green

Cover film:yellowish-brown

LPI: Green

Silkscreen White White
Surface Protection HAL or LF HAL ENIG (Au: 1u" or 0.025um)
Dimensional Tolerance ± 0.13mm ± 0.1mm
Inspection Criteria IPC Class II IPC Class II

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  • Factory Address: 6# Building of Huafeng Park, Dayang Road, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China
  • Phone: +86 0755 3288 5968
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