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Flexible Circuit Glossary

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Acceptance Inspection (Criteria)
An inspection that determines conformance of a product to design specifications as the basis for acceptance.

Additive Process
A process for obtaining conductive patterns by the selective deposition of conductive material on clad or unclad-based material.

A substance such as glue or cement used to fasten objects together. In surface mounting, an epoxy adhesive is used to adhere SMDs to the substrate.

Adhesion Layer
The metal layer that adheres a barrier metal to a metal land on the surface of an integrated circuit.

Adhesive Coated Substrate
A base material upon which an adhesive coating is applied, for the purpose of retaining the conductive material (either additively applied or attached as foil for subtractive processing), that becomes part of a metal-clad dielectric.

Annular Ring (Annular Width)
That portion of conductive material completely surrounding a hole.

A group of elements or circuits (or circuit boards) arranged in rows and columns on a base material.

An accurately scaled configuration used to produce the artwork master or production master.

Artwork Master
The photographic film or glass plate that embodies the image of the PCB pattern, usually on a 1:1 scale.

Aspect Ratio
A ratio of the PCB board thickness to the diameter of the smallest hole.

A number of parts, sub-assemblies, or any combination thereof joined together.

Assembly File
A drawing describing the locations of components on a PCB.

Automatic Optic Inspection

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