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Flexible PCB Material Selection

Material type and construction are extremely important in designing flexible printed wiring. They mainly determine the Flexibility, Electrical properties and other mechanical characteristics of boards. We should consider the following attributes to choose the one best meeting the design requirements materials.

Flexible Areas or Flexible Circuits

Factors to consider in determining the total number of layers required (along with other interrelated considerations) are:

  • Quantity of signal traces required across the flexible portion(s)
  • Line widths required for current-carrying capacity
  • Spacing required for voltage isolation
  • EMI shielding
  • Impedance
  • Voltage drop requirements
  • Mechanically defined "real-estate" for routing the traces(i.e.,the width of the flexible portions)

Calculation of Bend Radius

1.Estimation of Minimum Bending for Single-Sided Circuits with Coverlay
It is possible to estimate the minimum bending radius for single-sided flexible circuits (see following), where:

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