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Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards Capability

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NOITEMRigid-Flex PCB Technical Data
1 Standard Board Size 230*300 mm
2 PCB Layer count Up to 6 Layers
3 Board Thickness 0.1 mm ~ 2.0 mm
4 Board Thickness Tolerance The thcikness tolerance of rigid-flex will be mainly decided by the lamination structure.
5 Aspect ratio 10 : 1
6 Min. Line Width/Space 18um[finish Cu]: 3.5/3.5mil.
35um[finish Cu]: 4/4mil.
7 Min.Space Between Coverlay Windows 0.2mm
8 Edge of Coverlay Window to Trace 0.15mm[Min], 0.20mm[preferred]
9 Min. Coverlayer Clearance on PAD 0.15mm
10 Polyimide Films[Substrates] 0.5 mil [12.5µm], 1 mil [25µm], 2 mils [50µm]
11 Thermabond Adhesive Acrylic/Modified Acrylic, Modified Epoxy, Polyimide
12 Copper Foils [RA or ED] 1/4 OZ ~ 3 OZ
13 FR-4 in Multi-layer Flex Circuits Laminated to flex circuit to create rigid flex boards, typically with vias
14 Stiffeners Polyimide, Rigid FR4, PSA, metal, or customer requested
15 Solder Resist Coverlay, LPI
16 Min. Finished Hole size 0.2mm
17 Hole tolerance ±0.05mm
18 Min.space between holes 0.15mm
19 Min.space conductor edge to outline edge ≥0.1mm
20 Hole to outline edge ≥ 0.10mm
21 Profiling Mode Laster Cutting & Punching
22 Outline Tolerance Knife[Soft] tooling:± 0.25mm
Steel[Hard] tooling:± 0.05mm
Laster Cutting:± 0.10mm
23 Maximum Layer to Layer Mis-registration ± 0.10mm
24 Copper Plated Thickness [PTH only] 8~15um;20~30um;30~70um[special]
25 Surface Finishes Immersion Gold, HASL, Lead free HASL, Plating Hard Gold, OSP,Immersion Tin, Immersion silver

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