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Flex PCB Specifications

Polyimide: 0.5mil, 1mil, 2mil (12.5um, 25um, 50um)
Polyester: 1mil, 2mil (25um, 50um)
Flame Retardant: Laminates and Coverlay
Feature: PI has better performance than PET.
Other Materials Upon Request.
If you need other materials, We will purchase as soon as possible.
Copper foil types: Rolled copper foil(RA), Electrolytic copper foil(ED).
Thick copper: 1/3 OZ, H OZ, 1 OZ.
Feature: Rolled copper foil has better flexibility than electrolytic copper foil.
Thicker coppers are available (call for information).
Polyimide cover Film: 0.5mil, 1mil(12.5um, 25um)
Polyester cover Film: 1mil, 2mil(25um, 50um)
Solder mask covercoat: LPI for surface mount and dense applications.
Selection of material for flexibility is critical.
Hot Air Solder Level (HASL): RoHS Compliant or tin lead.
Silver (RoHS Compliant): Electroless - Immersion.
Hard Gold over Nickel (RoHS Compliant): Typically used for connectors.
Soft Gold over Nickel (RoHS Compliant): Electrolytic - typically used for bonding gold wire to the gold layer.
ENIG (RoHS Compliant): Electroless - typically used for bonding aluminum wire to the nickel under the gold.
OSP (RoHS Compliant): Organic Coating.
Stiffener materials: Polyimide, Polyester, Polyetherimide, FR4, Aluminum, Stainless Steel.
Adhesive materials: Acrylic, Modified epoxy, Phenolic Butyrals, Reinforce, Pressure Sensitive(PSA).
Shelf life of FPC
Flexible circuit conductor expose areas must be treated with anti tarnish layer, like gold plating, OSP, Immersion tin and so on. These areas have to avoid Flexible circuit board contact with corrosion gas. Suggested storage temperature control ranges are 20+/-5℃ and related humidity keeps lower than 70% R.H.
Under these storage conditions the effective shelf life might have six months long from ship out. Best is to be used within 3 months.

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